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In RCP TOUR ESPAÑA you can train on First Aid, perform the CPR maneuver (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the use of the DEA or DESA (manual or automatic defibrillator) completely free of charge.


We are professionals and volunteers who train everyone to save lives, in a totally vocational and professional way.

We want to give a second, third, fourth,... chance of life to a person who is a victim of Sudden Death, and who is also alive and without sequelae.

And for that person to be alive and without consequences, we need to reach the whole world, since YOU, with your hands, are the only one who can achieve it.

This is because we need to act early and the doctors are in the hospital, usually far from the victim, and you are by their side. 


Sudden Death is the 1st preventable cause of death in the Canary Islands, in Spain, in Europe and in the developed world, except for Africa.

In Spain, the mortality figures for Sudden Death are dramatic :

1 victim dies every 7 minutes.

Every day more than 200 victims die.

Every year more than 75,000 victims die.

The red graph shows the mortality of Sudden Death versus other causes of death.


Volunteer at RCP TOUR ESPAÑA. You can join us in our masterclasses and help us train. Be a "hero, training little heroes" and have a great time in this beautiful project.

You can become a volunteer on the " Volunteering " page of the header navigation menu.

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To see where we are at all times, find out what's new and see and learn with our images and videos, follow us on social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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